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Life is a symphony of fermentation

Scoby your Kombucha

Scoby tutorial (2:34)

DIY Scoby (5:47)

What happens after first 2 weeks making DIY Scoby (6:28) 

2 weeks after first feeding of DIY scoby (2:05)

Second feeding of DIY scoby (3:35)

Sanitising hands and handling scoby for trimming (3:09)

Feeding dehydrated scoby (2:17)

Braggs taste test (6:19)

DIY Scoby feeding after first 2 weeks (6.28)


Bottling your 12 pack on a two week cycle


Timing of different fermentations when bottling raw (5:33)

Cutting pineapple in bulk (3:14) 

Pineapple recipe (9:59) 

Understanding fruit fermentation ratio (9:22) 

Cacao and hemp recipe (7:59) 

Ginger honey recipe (8:03) 

Pineapple kombucha bottling results (2:42) 

  Alcoholic Kombucha Ebook content page

Alcoholic Kombucha Ebook content page

Kegging Kombucha


Oak barrel fermentation (2:47) 

Tapping your keg (4:25) 

CO2 (1:18) 

Conversation around kegging (12:47)

Tasting and ratio'ing strong kombucha for bottling and kegging (10:03)

Cleaning porcelain fermenter for kombucha  (1:13)